Thursday, June 2, 2011

At a Crossroads in our Trip

June 2--Day 18
Vaughn, NM (the crossroads of New Mexico)
Written by Rev

Leaving at 8:45 from Clovis, NM I kept thinking that this could be a really tough day with wind and sun or it could be a good day with overcast skies. Well, God is good.

It started off as an overcast day, which we both praised God for after two long, grueling days in the heat. It wasn't very windy either, which we both praised God for again. We rode roughly 60 miles until we grabbed lunch in Fort Sumner. Pressing on into the overcast sky once again we realized that we loved seeing cacti, different colored bushes, cattle, fencing and trains. The highlight of our day before an unexpected occurrence was counting train cars. The record long train that we counted was 138 cars! The other cool object that kept us entertained was the cattle had a tunnel under the road so that they could get to the other side without crossing the road. Very impressive.

But the big occurrence that was expected and unexpected was that of Wilberforce. He died today. As he slowly went from a powerful 40 mph to 30 mph we knew he was pushing every last bit of steam out of him. I told Viking to pull over because there was oil dripping from where the belt goes around. I am no mechanic, but I know that this wasn't a good sign. We felt very depressed as he slowly came to a halt.

We were roughly 12 miles from a city called Vaughn, but as we looked around there was nothing besides cacti, fencing, cattle and a road. Absolutely nothing. Peaceful and realaxing it was, but yet ever so frustrating and depressing. Now what? What were we going to do?

After praying we made a plan. The plan was for me to drive to Vaughn and try to catch a truck who would help us out and Viking was going to push Wilberforce. So I took off and he pushed. After a moment, I looked back and Viking and Wilberforce were a mere dot in my mirror. I will admit, I laughed. Not at Viking and Wilberforce, but because I knew God was going to teach us something through all this and I couldn't wait to see what it was.

I came into Vaughn and found a truck stop right on the corner, so I pulled in and put some gas into Harriet because she was thirsty. I asked the gas station attendant if there was a towing service, she directed me to some man's house saying, "Go down to the park and hang a right and head to the orange house on the left."

I walked out of the gas station and saw two truckers, so I walked up to them and asked if they were headed north. They were both headed south. Bummer. So I took Harriet on an adventure to the park and made a right and headed to the orange house on the left. No one home besides a dog barking wildly. Bummer. I headed back into town and stopped at a tire store. A man who spoke little English said he was too busy. Bummer. I was getting discouraged. After speaking to four other men with trucks, I was really discouraged with their answer of "No, I can't help you." So I went to the City Hall. They called a towing service for me because I had absolutely no cell phone service. Another bummer. A man showed up with a trailer to go pick up the bike. As we got onto the highway, I saw a speck on a hill. The man asked me if that was Viking. I said there is no way. But sure enough, Viking pushed Wilberforce for a good 6 miles. I was impressed. We towed her back into town at a very expensive rate.

We really needed to get to Albuquerque because that was where the nearest Honda dealer was. But we were sitting on the sidewalk of the City Hall left with only a phone number for the Catholic Church who might put us in a hotel for tonight.

So I drove to the Baptist Church and knocked. No one around. Bummer. So I drove to the Catholic Church and knocked. No one answered. Bummer. But there was a sign that said, "If you are a traveler and need assistance, please call this number or go and talk to the City Hall." So I called the number, but couldn't get through due to lack of service. So I headed back to the City Hall and talked with the ladies there. I drove to the edge of town to get a little bit of service to confirm it with the priest that we would be put up for free in a hotel along with a food voucher. Wow. God is good.

So I drove back to the City Hall and received both the vouchers. Viking pushed Wilberforce to the hotel and we both just smiled and laughed a little. But knowing deep down inside, we both had no idea how we were going to get to Albuquerque to get to the Honda dealer. But God is good. Viking went to get cell phone service and I just prayed. I was so discouraged, but knew that God had a plan.

Viking came back and said this to me, "In the blog yesterday I said that we had both stopped laughing hysterically at God's provision, but instead we are in awe of how he works." Then he started laughing. So did I. Not knowing why, though.

Viking's dad pulled some strings and we have a ride to Albuquerque tomorrow thanks to a pastor there. God is good.

It is amazing that when things are going so smoothly it is easy to praise and thank God, but when something bad happens, it is so easy to become discouraged. Well I became discouraged today, but God proved to me once again that I shouldn't worry. Rather, I should trust in Him and let Him provide for me. God is good.

Now we have played some catch with Babe Ruth (the baseball I found) and our gloves, showered and got some journaling done. Now we are ready for bed.

We still have no idea what is wrong with Wilberforce and how this will get fixed, so please continue to pray that God will show us what to do. Please pray for wisdom in our decision making in the next few days and hours.

But remember that no matter what, God is so good. Each time we have been blessed on this trip we just smile and laugh. We laugh and smile not because we don't think that God could do it, but because we are in amazement at what God does and how He works in such abundance. He works in such mysterious ways. In ways that I could never imagine He has been constantly working and we praise and thank Him for that.

Now we have one queen bed to share. Praise the Lord. God is good.

Great is Thy Faithfulness. To God Be the Glory.

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