Friday, June 17, 2011


June 17--Day 33
San Jose, California
Written by Rev(Brady)

So, it has been a while. Sorry to keep some of you coming back to this page and reading the same blog posting over and over again. We apologize, but that is due to a number of reasons, but mainly because we were in the Mojave Desert hanging out with the Joshua Trees. Look them up, they are pretty awesome. We are currently in San Jose, CA. Wow. We made it all the way across the country with 49cc engines. Crazy. Rewind to last Sunday.

We stayed in Flagstaff, AZ on Saturday night and was planning on speaking at a night service on Sunday night. We decided to attend Flagstaff Indian Bible Church, where we were supposed to speak the weekend before, to worship with them. Pastor Mike was gracious enough to give us some microphone time as we spoke to the congregation. What an amazing group of people. They were very welcoming to us and also were interested in our ministry. It was an amazing to worship with them as we even sang a song in Navajo, which was awesome to just sit and listen to another language being lifted up in praise to our Heavenly Father. It was simply awesome.

At night we were privileged to speak at Calvary Bible Church in Flagstaff, AZ as well. This was a great experience as people even wanted to tell their kids about what we were doing! God is good!

We left very early Monday morning, but not as early as we had planned. It was a blessing in disguise though because it was cold. The wind chill and temperatures easily were lower than 10 degrees. Therefore, we literally had almost every article of clothing on. For example, two pairs of pants, shirts, scarfs, gloves and then two pairs of socks on each hand for extra warmth, which helped only a little bit. But it soon warmed up and we could take off our ridiculous looking outfits.

The unnamed moped, Viking's that is, was running very well through the desert mountains. It was such a joy to be in the desert heat driving through the hills on up to Las Vegas. I was getting excited as we approached the Hoover Dam. Viking said it was big, but I didn't know just how big a dam could be. It was big, really big.

We arrived in Las Vegas, at the Wunderink home as we had planned. We played in the pool some awesome game of catch with a football, as well as Rev throwing the ball for Viking to go find at the bottom of the pool. Some might call this 'fetch'.

Viking went to visit a family friend who lived there and Rev visited with Mrs. Wunderink. I was able to experience parts of Vegas, see where their church was and learn a lot about their ministry in Vegas. It was a great and relaxing afternoon and night for the both of us.

In the late morning, we set out for Tonopah, NV. It was a great day, some would say. It took us about two hours to get out of Vegas. We met a very nice man who gave us his cell phone number in case we broke down in the desert. God is good.

We didn't break down, but we did give the bikes a rest and we even stopped for a picture with the Joshua trees. I learned that they are native only to the Mojave Desert.

As we have continued to press on in this mission, God has completely opened up so many opportunities to talk with people by use of the mopeds. As we pull into gas stations, people give us a funny look and ask, "Are you really from Michigan?" "Why of course!" we answer. Then we begin to explain why. God is doing a great work and we continue thank you for the emails and texts of encouragement as well as the prayers. God is so good and we cannot thank Him enough.

To Him Be the Glory and Honor. Amen.

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