Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rain Drops Falling

July 3--Day 49
Fargo, ND
Written by Rev

We left camp in the morning. During our travels we experienced raindrops. Raindrops were excellent, yes excellent. When I lived in Grand Canyon National Park, there was not a drop of rain for a whole month and a half. When I felt the rain drops, I rejoiced. Call me crazy, but when it hasn't rained for some time, I get excited about it! It has seemed like forever since we experience rain as well. We have been thankful that it hasn't rained very much, since the first five days were brutal. But after our Alabama 10 minute rain storm, we haven't had a drop of it. So to say the least, I was extremely thankful and had a huge smiled on my face because of the drops that fell and hit us. What a blessing it was. Seriously. Praise the Lord.

Nothing much exciting happened during our travels to Fargo. We stopped at Viking's grandparents, which was a great experience! His grandpa told us stories about riding a train to Washington with just a little bit of money and his grandma's energy energized me to keep going on this journey. What a blessed stop it was!

We departed their house with a few pictures and then arrived in Fargo in the early afternoon. After hanging out and getting to know one more Stockeland family, we relaxed all evening. Relaxation has become a necessity in this trip. We have found out that it is extremely exhausting, so any chance we get we take time to rest. Praise the Lord for rest.

I mentioned to Viking that I would like to golf in Fargo. I usually golf about once a year, so I am by far from being good. Last year I golfed a decent amount and I find it to be very restful; that is when I hit straight shots and do decently well. It just so happens that Viking's brother has a membership at a local golf course, so he took Viking and I. It was a blast. My best shot of the day was a chip right into the hole. It was probably the best shot of my life. After it happened, I just stared at it and kept asking, "Did that really happen?" Yes it did! I was pumped.

We then relaxed some more at the pool and then hung out for the rest of the day. Such a blessing that rest is.

We spoke at Brookdale Baptist Church this morning in their Sunday school for about 10 minutes. It was great to be there and to be able to speak at another church this morning. This is the last church that we will be speaking at for the trip, but it is not over. We still have a great distance to travel back to Michigan and Lord willing talk with many more people that we come into contact with.

God has been extremely blessing us with some amazing people to talk with that we randomly meet. This trip has been a huge blessing to us in so many ways and we thank you all for your support through emails, prayers, texts, calls, and encouragement. God is good.

God sure has been raining blessing upon blessing down on Viking and I. We are so very thankful for all of these blessings.

To God be the Glory.

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