Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Everything is Bigger in Texas

May 31--Day 16
Canadian, Texas
Written by Rev

Well not EVERYTHING. Our Honda Ruckus' that have an amazing and powerful engine still are 49cc's and still go roughly 37 mph. But we are still the same size anyways, well for the most part. Sunburnt has played an effect into making some parts of us larger, although not too noticeable. We also do have this sweet ring around each of our eyes due to sunglasses being worn on the hot and sunny days.

We left Keystone State Park at 8:45 after having a pretty relaxing morning. The air mattress that I received barely fits in my tent, but it fits, so I am thankful for it! We played some catch and were soon on our way to Texas. We stopped for coffee at Aspen Cafe in Stillwater, OK which was a delight to stop and hangout for a bit.

We ate dinner at at a local cafe in Arnett, OK which is about 15 miles from the Texas border. So we pushed on in the heat and dry air.

The topography of the land was relatively flat with an occasional hill and lots and lots of wheat fields. Pretty much the most wheat that I have ever seen; I have definitely had enough of it. As we moved into Texas, the heat was seen clearly blazing up from the asphalt. Therefore, we made our way to a Dairy Queen after scoping out a camp site. After Dairy Queen we headed back to camp, pitched our tents and then went to watch REAL cowboys and cowgirls rope cattle.

There is something to say about this whole roping cattle thing. Something that I am totally not used too, so it is a totally brand new experience for me to see cowboys and cowgirls everywhere. But it is awesome! It has always been a dream of mine to live on a farm with horses, etc. But I guess you just got to live down here to actually have the real thing, because let me tell you--they know what they're doing down here.

The traffic was pretty sparse today as we were practically in the middle of nowhere. Although we did have about 10 semi-trucks pass us from behind and come back our way after dropping their load off. Also, if you want to get hit by bugs while driving anywhere, head to Oklahoma. It was brutal. I am pretty sure that I killed about 5 bugs every 30 minutes. There was big ones and small ones--yes the big ones hurt, a lot.

The towns are extremely small in these parts, therefore we didn't get to talk with many people today, but it is a good time to travel long distances because there isn't much to see. Well there is the random group of cattle in the pasture next to the road. As we drive by, they look at us like we are crazy. Maybe it is due to the extra loud volume of Wilberforce and maybe it is because we are crazy. Who knows?

Well today was a good day as Viking says as he heads to bed. I am on my way as well. We are both sunburnt quit badly and a good rest is greatly needed.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. We appreciate them each and every day and cannot thank you enough!

To God Be the Glory.

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