Friday, May 13, 2011

T-minus 2 days trip update

(county road F, 30 miles northwest of Beloit, WI)

today's entry by: Jonathan

Brady and I are together again. More importantly, though, Wilberforce and Harriet (our scooters) have finally met. They get along great, although Harriet has a bit more spring in her step. Wilberforce just turned over 5,000 miles today while Harriet is pushing 300. That may play a small role in the difference.

I departed my home at 5:45am on Thursday morning and dropped off my keys to my friend who is sub-leasing my apartment for the summer, enabling me to afford the trip. I also decided that it was the best decision to drop off my travel-size guitar with him, as it was too much of a parachute and hazard. Lots of off-key acapella singing for the summer, I suppose.

Southeast of St. Paul the clouds began to expectorate upon me, so it was time to don my rainsuit for the first time. Not a promising start, but a reality of the trip. The rain passed as I crossed a bridge into Wisconsin and the clouds began to burn off. I began to shed warming layers, hoping to get a little sun. Turns out that a few hours of sun can burn the pale right off of you. Aloe may be added to the gear list.

Brady was gracious enough to drive to western Chicago to pick me and Wilberforce up in a truck, saving me a day of travel and the migrane-inducing experience of riding a scooter through Chicago. The scooter's travel time was grossly underestimated, though, so we linked  up in Beloit, Wisconsin. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and made our way home after embarassing ourselves trying to pick Wilberforce up into the truck.

Today has been logistical work of arranging our loads and ordering some extra parts for the scooters. They are both running great, for which we are grateful. Already interest is being generated and we are able to at least briefly share with people why we are doing it.

One final note: we will be speaking at three different churches in the Grand Rapids area this Sunday, May 15. They will all be in the morning. If you live in the area and are interested in coming, we will be adding a post tomorrow that will provide the times and locations.


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