Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some More Trip and Travel Details

Some people are wondering where we will be traveling. We will never have an exact route planned, which is part of the beauty of our mode of travel. We do, however, have several destinations that we definitely will plan to pass through.
They are:
Grand Rapids, MI (we will begin and end here)
Washington D.C.
Quantico, VA
Tail of the Dragon, TN (insanely curvy road. 318 curves in 11 miles)
Little Rock, AK
Grand Canyon, AZ
Capistrano Beach, CA
Los Angeles, CA
San Francisco, CA
Santa Rosa, CA
Seattle, WA
Vancouver, BC
Fargo, ND
Minneapolis, MN

Now, the states we plan to touch are a little more vast. Be advised, though, that just because we may come within 100 miles of you doesn't necessarily mean we're close. A 100-mile detour and visit would cost us 1 day of travel time.

 A few questions and comments have arisen about our mode of travel, which I would like to take the opportunity to answer.

That's a scooter, not a moped.
I know, and for you die-hard moped enthusiasts, I'm sorry. Brady and I spent quite a while deciding on a good title for the trip.  We realized that the word 'moped' is more quickly associated with small-engine vehicles. We wanted to emphasize the unique mode of travel, and using the moped term was the best way we saw to do that. Also, for what it's worth, our 'scooters' are legally referred to as mopeds, due to their engine size being under 49cc's. We tend to use the words 'scooter' and 'moped' interchangeably, so please forgive us.

Why not ride a motorcycle?
So many reasons. Motorcycle trips are normal. Motorcycles can ride on interstates. Motorcycles are fast. Motorcycles are more expensive. Riding a moped forces you to slow down. Riding a moped better serves our purpose of raising awareness of human trafficking. It's not uncommon to see a motorcyclist on a trip, but the moped raises eyebrows and begins great conversation, opening doors for Brady and I to share what God has placed on our hearts.

Why aren't you using a gps?
Many valid reasons for this answer, as well. Perhaps the most tangible reason is because we don't own one. On my last scooter trip I realized that the gps was not a good tool to utilize. One, it always directs you to an interstate, which we cannot ride on. Two, it draws us within, making us less dependent on others for help.We desire to interact with people as much as possible, and people are remarkably eager to help you find a place to sleep or a nice local diner. Three, road maps allow us to be much more flexible with our planning ahead. We can look at the entire map and see what problems we may encounter ( interstate, ferry, toll bridge, dirt road, etc.)

You're crazy.
Yes, yes we are. You should try it sometime. It may change your life.


  1. You're crazy. Oh, wait -- someone else already told you?

  2. Ruckus Against Slavery...all about your mission rock fellas...peace, grace, strength and wisdom from the Holy Spirit be with you!